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For Small Businesses, Corporate,
and Professional Organizations

Team development so good that no one is calling in sick.


Bridge of Fire Consulting offers unique, empowering experiences at trainings, corporate retreats, and other large group events for team inspiration, morale boosting, and motivation.

Our focus is on bridging the gaps within organizations, or between individuals. We believe in making these transformative experiences accessible to all, fostering personal and professional growth, and igniting the flames of excellence within each participant.

Workshops We Offer

Camp Fire






Do we have your attention?

Imagine telling your team that they'll be fire walking at your next corporate event.

Now you have their attention too. 

But beyond the shock and innovation, what's the value in a fire walk, glass walk, or arrow break over trust falls, charades, or team field days?

All team building activities serve as a vehicle to help your participants coalesce around whatever you see as an obstacle to your success as a team, community, or group.


Jo's description of this event here.



Walking on glass... snapping an arrow that's been placed at your throat... walking on fire...


How do you feel when you think about doing these training activities? Startled, unsettled, excited, maybe uncomfortable?


You just described how every employee feels when they are faced with new tasks.


These avant-garde team building activities are not only fun, they foster discussions that bring to the surface real life barriers to success with your organization's goals

If you have a team that can walk on fire, you have a team that can do anything.

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What people are saying about our team.

"Madrone encourages her students to step outside their comfort zone, think outside the box, and be the boldest they can be… [I've learned] how to be successful in the work place, what my strengths are and how I can continue to improve in order to make all of my career goals realized."


Working with us is different.

When participants leave a workshop or training facilitated by Bridge of Fire consulting the outcome is Focused, Innovative, Resourced, Empowered employees filled with F.I.R.E!


This F.I.R.E ignites success for your organization, team, and their goals. 


shutterstock_2421741469 (1).jpg

Contemporary team building is for you and your organization if you:

  • Want a stronger community culture at work

  • Want a unique approach to training and team bonding

  • Feel stagnant with creativity and production

  • Have recently experienced a reduction in force

  • Need something to boost morale

  • Need increased productivity but have to be creative with budgeting 

  • Want to support your employees personal development and increase retention 

  • Want to be more focused on the well being of your employees

After our work together, your team will...




Learn to overcome obstacles.

Understand how bodies react to stressors.

Shift from react to respond.

Enhance clarity, focus, and calm.

Raise energy levels

to achieve more.

Understand somatic body responses and recognize when stress limits abilities.



Explore new ideas and approaches.

Learn how to boost morale and loyalty as a team.

Increase emotional intelligence and adaptability.

Strengthen communication

skills to reduce defensiveness, competitiveness,

and conflict.

Improve organizational community culture.

Bridge Structure

At Bridge of Fire Consulting, we see ourselves as a bridge to transformation, embodying our core values through the acronym, BRIDGE.

Building Relationships





Embark on a journey of empowerment, collaboration, and profound change. 


Together, let's build bridges that connect hearts, minds, and futures.

Who are we?

Bridge of Fire Consulting was founded by Jo Adducci and Madrone Kalil to bridge the gap between corporate and some of the most cutting-edge, transformative team building tools in the industry.


Our consulting duo is Sundoor Firewalk Instructor certified, and bring together diverse experiences and skill sets in communication education, inclusive and equity learning, cross functional team leadership, strategic business development, and partner and customer advocacy. We are committed to bringing these values to our clients.

Sundoor Certified.jpg
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shutterstock_200975471 (1).jpg

So why does team building with us work?

Bridge of Fire Consulting breaks down the fears, obstacles, and barriers that exist within organizations or between individuals and larger corporate entities.


Many organizations struggle with communication breakdowns between different departments, levels of hierarchy, or even between employees and management. The workshops and trainings we offer can help identify and name communication barriers, break them down, and foster better understanding and collaboration among team members.


Trust is essential for effective teamwork and organizational success. However, trust can be lacking in environments where there is a lack of transparency, accountability, or mutual respect. The high-impact activities we offer can help build trust by fostering vulnerability, teamwork, and shared experiences participants will be talking about long after the activity ends bridging the gap between skepticism and trust.


Employees in large organizations may feel disconnected or disengaged from their work or the company's mission. By providing transformative experiences like firewalking and other empowerment activities, we can reignite passion and engagement among participants, bridging the gap between apathy and enthusiasm.


Large organizations often struggle to foster a culture of innovation and creativity. By introducing unconventional experiences like fire walking, glass walking, and arrow breaking, we aim to challenge conventional thinking, inspire courage, and encourage participants to embrace risk-taking and experimentation, bridging the gap between stagnation and innovation.


In today's fast-paced, digital world, meaningful human connections can sometimes be overlooked or undervalued. We provide opportunities for individuals to connect on a deeper level, both with themselves and with their colleagues, bridging the gap between isolation and community.


Ultimately, the "gap" we help you bridge may vary depending on the specific needs and challenges of your target audience, but our overarching goal is to create positive transformation and alignment within organizations and among individuals.

Meet the Team

Jo Adducci


Meet Jo

Jo's bio here.

Madrone Kalil

I have three degrees in Communication Studies; an undergraduate degree from Northern Arizona University (1997), a Masters from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (1999) and a Ph.D. from the University of Utah (2007).


Teaching communication courses for 27 years has given me a strong skill set to offer progressive organizations that want to be cutting edge. My training can help you realize increased growth potential for your company, organization or community by demonstrating an understanding that our professional and personal lives intersect. We achieve this through team-building activities that benefit both the organization and the employees’ overall well-being.


Cultivation of employee success must include an organizational culture that is rich with employee diversity and appreciation. When we incorporate an integrated approach to our work-life our successes can only grow.


I am part of a group of academics who identify with our homemade term “pracademic.” This means we are focused on practical application of what we have studied. We are dedicated to teaching how communication best practices function “on the ground” and in organizational and community cultures.


In this way, my educational background has served as a solid foundation to blend with my training and certification by Sundoor where I learned the practices of facilitating firewalking, glass walks and arrow breaks.


My education combined with years of practice in community workshops and development as well as in the classroom gives my clients confidence that my services offer a nuanced range of expertise.


When it comes to teaching Communication Studies, I have taught a variety of college courses including: 


  • Team Leadership and Communication

  • Communication in Instruction

  • Learning Success Strategies

  • Public Speaking

  • Methods of Interviewing

  • Gender and Communication

  • Nonverbal Communication

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Mass Media in Society

  • Race, Gender & the Media

  • Rhetorics of Nature and Environmentalism

  • Gender and Nature (Undergraduate and Graduate level)

  • Media and Environmental Studies (Graduate level)

  • Communication Theory (Undergraduate and Graduate level)


It is my honor to work with clients who are interested in accelerating the “bottom line” by taking a chance on team building and personal development trainings your team will be talking about for years to come.

Connect with Madrone 


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