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"The resistance you are feeling is equal to the change you are trying to make." 

Linda Star Wolf


Breathwork is a multifaceted process that allows participants to dive deep within themselves and experience healing and transformation on multiple levels.  Conscious circular breathing in conjunction with chakra-attuned music are the drivers of this process. We create a safe environment where the ego can let down its defenses just a bit, letting go of what it no longer needs, freeing us to heal aspects deep within.


This process provides a framework for individuals to move stuck energy, release outdated programming, unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and limiting beliefs.  It also offers us the opportunity to have access to our archetypes, guides, soul retrieval, the animistic world, family of origin patterns, and the trust to release trauma.


When we are born, our first breath, first cry using our voices, is our beginning medicine, our prescription giving us permission to release. We intuitively know that this is a healthy way to express ourselves and expel stuck energy. When you think about it, after childhood we are not allowed to cry freely to truly express our grief.


As humans-being in today’s complicated world we face trauma individually and collectively. What I love about breathwork, compared to other healing modalities I also love and find value in, is that I am in a safe space to express myself.  Because of life’s pressures and traumas it is sometimes helpful to have a safe container to just cry, yell, scream, pound pillows, wail, howl etc. with no judgment or comment from anyone.


You are not broken. 


In our breathwork community you will be well held to walk your journey in your unique way.  I wish for you the opportunity to feel the liberation breathwork offers those who lean in.

After a breathwork journey we engage in an art process (see art examples here) or a journaling process to integrate some aspects of what came up for us while breathing. This integration helps us continue to work the magick in our everyday lives. Finally we process with the group, sharing what we are ready to share.


The breath carries us to feelings of greater love and universal wisdom helping us discover pieces of ourselves and moving us more to our center/core helping us to achieve our soul’s purpose.


~ Luna Willow

“This experience helped me to safely confront the things I’ve been subconsciously repressing... Madrone was an excellent leader and you will come out feeling uplifted and extremely happy that you decided to do this for yourself... 


Thank you for sharing this experience online. I don’t think I would have ever been able to do this where I live--let alone through a pandemic.”

"The light, the dark, no difference." Linda Star Wolf


  • Relaxation

  • Inspiration through bringing the breath into the body consciously activating the pineal gland allowing for a higher state of conscience

  • Release of the old through the process the breath allows

  • Igniting your imaginal cells full of potential and possibility

  • Expansion of your being

  • Transformation of who you are

  • Emotional, mental, and physical release

  • Spiritual growth and awareness

  • Helpful for moving through aspects of grief work

  • Greater connection between your mind and body

  • More energy and better function of your body in general



There is a lot of talk about shadow these days.  Perhaps because our collective shadow has been so dominant.  The well-known psychiatrist Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”


Every one of us has a shadow(s). Sometimes we meet our shadows. When we look at somebody that we just can’t get along with – someone with a personality trait that is just so frustrating –we are looking into a mirror. We have met our shadow. Many times we cannot recognize our shadows except when projected onto someone else – and it takes a true effort to realize that what we see is as much an aspect of ourselves as it is the other person.


We hear "boys don’t cry" when we are very small, and grow up to believe it – and that emotional reaction becomes part of our shadow.  We hear "good girls don’t" – and even if we one day discover that good girls do – we still experience that as part of our shadow.  Rage, resentment, deception, jealously, blaming, greed, and all our forbidden feelings whatever they might be, arise form the darkens of our shadow. 


As much as we may be attracted to things that give us a delicious little shiver, you know you are truly facing your shadow when you want to run the other way or close your ears.  As Linda Star Wolf, creator of Shamanic Breathwork teaches us, “The light and the dark no difference.”  Often times during our breathwork and ceremony we are guided toward embracing our shadows to learn from them what is ready to come forth.

“Shadow Work is the path of the heart warrior” –Carl Jung



Madrone is trained in both Breathwork Metamorphosis and Shamanic Breathwork®.


3 hours each, priced on a sliding scale. Register here.


Taproot Journeys is available to co-create half day, day long, or multi-day workshops tailored to what your group desires. Together we will focus on what your group’s specific needs are and design a journey that will offer insight for everyone. 


Experience your own private breathwork with chakra attended music, subtle body work, mandala art process, and processing.



Explore working with me. 

20 minutes free

Book a free introductory call with me to learn more about who I am and the services I offer.

See the events page for upcoming group sessions, or contact me for your own private session in person or online.

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Shamanic Breathwork® is a registered trademark of Linda Star Wolf.

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