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Trish Houghtaling

Social Worker & Trauma Therapist

“I participated in your amazing workshop over the weekend! Truly, what an experience and the safe container you all created was a perfect opportunity for growth, healing, and release. 

I’m so grateful for all you are offering-we need this healing in the World.” 

(Eclipse Drum Trance)

Hanna Hess Testimonial



"I have lost a lot of family, but nothing comes close to losing my Mom a year ago. I think Madrone was in my life as my teacher for a reason because her class helped me more than I could have imagined.


I was trying hard to cope with [my Mom's] death and the material in Madrone's class changed so much for me. I feel better knowing grief isn't supposed to be short lived and that it is okay whenever I feel the need to cry because of it.


I want people to know that they aren’t alone and that experiencing grief is a journey, not a linear line. You and your class helped me heal and I cannot thank you enough!"


Anonymous Online Breathwork Participant

"I feel more clarity in my connections with others and within the universe after breathwork. Your facilitation skills are awesome, Madrone, especially how you responded to us when we shared afterwards."


Anonymous Online Breathwork Participant

"My experience with Madrone was educational, experiential, and exceptional. The insights that I’m taking away are that I am courageous, and open to insight and change. Thank you for providing a safe and welcoming space to explore and journey within!”




"[My experience was] profoundly healing... I gained clarity into my heritage. 

Thank you for holding space for us to explore ourselves in this platform. I always value these experiences so much!"



Relationship Transition Coaching & Client-Centered Hypnotherapy

"The virtual Taproot grief ritual was just the medicine that I was needing. Madrone is a gifted leader who cultivated the container expertly, adding really thoughtful, poetic, special touches that took the whole experience to another level. She navigated us all through dark waters with grace and humour. There was a beautiful pace and balance to the evening. Throughout the ritual I felt fully focused, connected, safe, and well held. I'm impressed with the vulnerable depth that I found in myself and feel honoured to have been witnessed in that state. 

After tapping into some deep grief that I wasn't even consciously aware of and expressing it, I felt a huge surge of creative energy the following day. I felt more alive in my body. I sang and drummed like I haven't in so long. I'm so grateful for this experience and I'm excited about attending other events in the future." 




"Going into breathwork I had no idea what to expect. I'm an over thinker by nature and wanted to 'plan' out my experience. Madrone was there for me with calming words and a steady spirit and I had a beautiful, profound and cleansing spiritual experience. I will continue to use Taproot Journeys to deepen my practice." 

unnamed (1).jpg


Elementary School Teacher

"I would recommend working with Madrone and Taproot Journeys whether a person considers themselves a veteran of self-work or someone who is beginning a new chapter. 


I truly felt that I left the experience having learned about my own spiritual truth from within and can start bringing that forward, much like the taproot Madrone named her practice for."


kori layne moore-gibson

Certified Yoga Therapist

"After my work with Madrone: All my bodies took a sigh of relief.  Feelings were felt, and the dreamscape came effortlessly with her skill and guidance.  It was a necessary and deep rhythmic journey."


End-of-Life Doula

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed last night. The ceremony, the music, your beautiful words, the activities--all were very well thought out. I am embracing my witch 🧙‍♀️ and keep going deeper into my shadow 👤 so I definitely was able to connect with my ancestors, and the Divine. Thank you for a beautiful evening. 💕"

(Full Moon & Samhain Drum Ceremony)

family 2014 057 (1)_edited.jpg


Grief Circle & Animal Companion Ceremony

"We were devastated when our 14 year old dog Clover had to be sent to the other side. Madrone’s wisdom, guidance and tenderness helped us let go a little more and be much more at peace. She created a very meaningful ceremony for our family and Clover. We appreciated all of the attention to detail and how Madrone was able to weave the story of Clover’s life. She clearly spent hours crafting.


She also included the Rainbow Bridge which was a very meaningful poem. We spread some of Clover’s ashes outdoors afterwards. Then we saw a magnificent double rainbow like we had never seen before, right outside of our home. We knew Clover had joined her beloved best friend Buddy at the Rainbow Bridge and we would be reunited with them one day.


On a personal note, I’ve been in the business of ceremony for a number of years, yet I had never had one for my pets who had passed. Moving forward, I will always have a ceremony for my pets who pass because it is incredibly healing and they deserve to be celebrated in the same way as we celebrate our human family.


I hope to utilize Madrone of Taproot Journeys in the future. I highly recommend Taproot Journeys for your healing. Thank you Madrone for your loving kindness and for witnessing our grief and helping us transform it."


Anonymous Online Breathwork Participant

"My Breathwork session with Madrone was amazing. I’m excited to have had such a profound experience. I feel joyful and gained insights into the questions I was asking."

ginamarie byars

Online Breathwork Participant

“Breathwork is a very energetic and deep-dive meditation that allows space for you to be YOU. Every time I do Breathwork with Madrone I discover a new aspect of myself and gain a deeper understanding of who I am. I truly appreciate gaining clarity of my Be-ing!”


Online Breathwork Participant

“[Breathwork with Madrone] made me much more aware that I am on the right path.” 


michelle dubian

Energy Healer & Massage Therapist

"The shamanic breathwork that Madrone facilitates is an out of body, into the other worlds, kind of experience. I journeyed very quickly because of the space that Madrone provided and the nature of the work. 


With Madrone’s help I released and moved through some old fears with the breath, movement, intentional touch and sound vibration. I was able to experience many different dimensions and feel my body as the light body that it truly is.  It felt incredibly safe to travel as deep as the moment called for.  It is truly a transformative experience for the whole being. out of body shamanic journey without the acid."


rachel (luna willow)


"[My experience was] profoundly healing... I gained clarity into my heritage. 

Thank you for holding space for us to explore ourselves in this platform. I always value these experiences so much!"



Owner, Coffee Shop

"Breathwork with Madrone was a journey into connection with my spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what arose!


rachel soumokil

Nurse & Reiki Practioner

“Life changing!”


Meghann Jacobs 

Feminine Embodiment Guide

"Working with Madrone to learn more about my

relationship with the Fire element has been so insightful.


From the beginning Madrone has created a warm, welcoming space for me to reflect on how I engage with my environment.  This has helped me to better understand my unique nature so I can have a more positive influence in my own life.


The somatic practices she led me through, and the activities suggested for me to do on my own-building and tending to a fire, creating my fire altar- these were so helpful in creating a real connection and understanding of the element.


I highly recommend working with Madrone, in any capacity that you can, simply to absorb some that deep rooted, Earth centered, Wisdom Keeper energy she exudes.  You, and the family and community you touch with your expanded heart, will be so grateful you did!!"

(Personal Fire Cycle Sessions)

E995A138-190A-402D-8809-B86F05034AEF - Tonya Reed.jpeg

Tonya reed, M.S.

Online Breathwork Participant

"I loved the experience! Madrone is great. Her demeanor is very open, friendly, natural and kind. I feel more peace and calm."

bette richter

Online Breathwork Participant

“Breathwork with Madrone is an honest soul journey of letting go of ego and being faced with your honest self. I had a major breakthrough in my anxiety journey and being disconnected from myself. I was able to discover what presence with my true self feels like and it is incredible clarity.”


Online Breathwork Participant

“Breathwork assists in moving stuck energy and blocks. It is both relaxing and energizing! I did healing work and generated so much energy that I sent it out to the group and all sentient beings.”




“This experience helped me to safely confront the things I’ve been subconsciously repressing. It was a liberating experience and being in a group setting made it less scary... Madrone was an excellent leader and you will come out feeling uplifted and extremely happy that you decided to do this for yourself. 


I am feeling hopeful for the future. I am also grateful for all that I’ve gone through and can see more clearly the beauty in all experiences. 


Thank you for sharing this experience online. I don’t think I would have ever been able to do this where I live--let alone through a pandemic.”



“[Shamanic Breathwork Online] was an unexpected journey of self-discovery, and it feels so exciting to gain so much clarity from this experience. I’d definitely participate in breathwork again and recommend it to others.”




Tarot Priestx & Reiki Practitioner

"I have to admit that when I first heard about breathwork I was skeptical at best. I heard how amazing Shamanic Breathwork was but didn’t believe it. How could a breathing pattern unlock endless potential and possibilities in my life? 

Well, I was wrong and 'they' were right. Shamanic Breathwork is a beautiful, gut-wrenching, heart opening experience. Our breath sustains us in our lives and focusing on it allows us to open worlds unknown to us. 


I consider myself lucky to have breathed with Madrone. She is a high priestess that facilitates life changing experiences. Her guidance on my breathwork journey was crucial to me opening fully. If you get the chance, book a session- you won’t regret it!" 


emily yelsits


“Madrone took a sad, insecure student, raised a pick-axe in a Barbarella-esq fashion, and cracked through my hard exterior.


Madrone encourages her students to step outside their comfort zone, think outside the box, and be the boldest they can be. I would truly not be the person I am at this very moment were it not for Madrone. I have done things I was not aware I could accomplish all because of Madrone's genius and leadership.


Madrone takes time to understand her students, to talk to them, to figure out what makes them tick, what they need, how they can improve, etc. and then she is not afraid to tell you what she has observed.


Madrone has taught me how to be successful in the work place, what my strengths are and how I can continue to improve in order to make all of my career goals realized.

~Emily Yelsits

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