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personal fire journeys

welcome to fire cycle coaching sessions

Your personal journey through your passions, desires,
and the ashes that bring new growth and healing.

session one


session two


session three


session four


session one: spark

What do you need to lay down so your fire can burn brightly? Sessions one and two work together to help us focus on “Clearing your fire pit.”


Why is clearing our fire pit important? 

  • Part of clearing the pit is clearing your energetic field so our dreams can catch fire.

  • As you clear your fire pit gain a better understanding your energy so you are not spreading yourself too thin and are fueling what matters in your life. 


As we clear the pit we have greater clarity to focus our own unique magick–our own conscious will to bring our goals into reality.

session two: air

Clear your fire pit and add air with a transformational breathwork ceremony. See this page to learn more about this transformative experience. 

session three: flame

Now that you have cleared your fire pit we focus on how your flame burns brightly in the world and tune into the pulse of where your energy is right now.

session four: ember

As our sessions come to a close you are invited to sit with your embers as your new journey with fire unfolds. The whole point of the embers is to honor what you have done in your life and celebrate. Not just what was accomplished but what was struggled with as well. It all serves an important purpose on your life’s path.

What story do your ashes tell?

"Working with Madrone to learn more about my relationship with Fire has been so insightful. The somatic practices she led me through, and the activities suggested for me were so helpful in creating a real connection and understanding of the element."


Fire Cycle Sessons











  • Three 1.5 hour personalized coaching sessions VALUE $270

  • Private one 3-hour breathwork session VALUE $200

  • Having a side-by coach with training and certifications in communication studies, end of life work, and grief studies.

  • An enhanced elemental relationship with fire working with a Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education trained firewalking instructor and ceremonialist of over 18 years

  • Learning to build focused intentional altars, experience meditative practices, and take a pause from the chaos of your everyday life

  • Unexpected twists and turns that might surprise you as you lean into standing in your power and owning more of your authentic self


We all need multiple modalities to thrive and cultivate our resilience in today’s world. Why not try this new approach to creating positive transformation in your life! Ready to rise like the phoenix?

Remember... if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you already have.

Let's try something new. Together.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional.

My coaching services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.


Grief & Death Coaching

Its's all about living...

Grief and death coaching is all about living. Many people have been surprised by just how much coaching around these subjects has enriched the life they're living now, even as they deal with loss, prepare for transition, or the transition of someone they love.

To be bereaved means to be torn apart and to have special needs. So basically, we can’t act like nothing happened! You have special needs like anyone who is experiencing a major change. We are affected on a physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual level.


So yeah, that is A LOT and it is not business as usual in your world!


Leaning in to grief coaching can support you as you shift from grieving to mourning. Grief is an internal response to loss and mourning is an outward expression of our grief.


We need this outward expression of our grief into mourning to shift our grief. It is my honor to help support you with the active process of co-creating ways for you to mourn.

This 1:1 coaching might be for you if you:

  • have experienced a loss and are ready to shift from grieving to mourning.

  • feel like one loss is bringing up aspects of other losses

  • have a desire to embrace death as a valuable part of the life you are living

  • want to approach death mindfully, rather than fearfully

  • want to allow in the lessons and transformation that grief offers

  • want to embrace your feelings as teachers and guides

  • are curious or ready to plan your funeral and want an expert at creating ceremonies to support you

  • are curious about creating a “death file” and want support going through what you want to put in this file

  • are ready to put your end-of-life paperwork in order but are afraid or apprehensive about starting the process (you are never to young to do this!)

  • want to create a life review for your loved ones but need help to do so

All grief counts, all experiences of loss are important to explore and sit with, and the cycles of life and death are worth facing--at any stage in your journey

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional.

My coaching services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.

corporate and group
coaching and training

corporate coaching

Team building like you've never done before...

Looking for something unique and transformative for your next corporate event, retreat, or training?

I have been teaching team and leadership communication for years at the university level and have time-tested experience facilitating a variety of diverse groups. Taproot Journeys can bring the life-changing and team bonding experience of firewalking, glass walks, and arrow breaking to your organization.


Each of these offer your group personal development exercises they will be talking about for YEARS to come. We all know the mandatory online trainings we do at work are often necessary important and informative, but they don’t work to further the creation of a corporate culture that gels a team together.


Corporations, companies, organizations, and non-profits who invest in the transformation of their employees at a personal level, with unique approaches like these, will undoubtably see the quality of their work life balance increase and the benefits of these improvements in turn supporting your organization.


You have done it the typical way. It’s time to innovate and break the mold and help your employees while furthering the success of your organization.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional.

My coaching services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.

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