Your grief counts.

Showing up in the vulnerability brought to bear by grief is one of the most intimate acts experienced during earthly lives.

In the aftermath of a wound, a community grows through a transformative change that binds it together. You're invited to join me in the movement that de-stigmatizes grief by being a part of our...




Whether you're experiencing a change in job, divorce, the death of a loved one (human or more-than-human), lost friendship, social justice fatigue, environmental distress, or any other changes in circumstances and regardless of how long it has been--the loss that you have experienced and the grief that you are feeling is valid.

Your grief counts. 

Your grief is worthy of witnessing, sharing, and processing. With loss comes grief, the glue of community.

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I believe that the grief process done well, and even with drama, is one of life's most potent gifts, filled with more growth than we can imagine.

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25% of your investment after signing up for the circle goes towards a heart donation to River's Wish Animal Sanctuary -- a nonprofit organization that works with abused, homeless, and tortured rescued animals.