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Threshold Circles

A sacred space to be you, fully.

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Threshold Circles

We all need a place to feel safe, seen, and held through life's many transitions, without fear of judgement or of someone trying to "fix" us. 

Imagine a safe space to let go of the past, grieve, celebrate, and integrate. 

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If you long for community to talk with about your most difficult times, a way to honor a transition you are in, or need help letting go of the past and opening to a new future, Threshold Circles are here to help.

Threshold Circles are for people in any transition, including:


  • Losing a child, partner or loved one

  • Moving to a new city

  • Dealing with health issues

  • Saying goodbye to your animal companion

  • Separations, breakups or divorce

  • Empty nesters

  • Dealing with Eco-Grief

  • Changing careers

  • Ending a friendship


You don’t have to struggle alone or force your way through difficult times. Come be held in a safe space of healing.

Facilitated by Madrone Kalil of Taproot Journeys and Erin McCusker of Circles of Joy, Threshold Circles are a 90-minute long safe space to be fully you. 

Each Circle is carefully designed and guided to help you put down the burdens you are carrying, rest into this moment, and vision your way forward. 

Register for the next circle by clicking the link below. You can also check out upcoming dates and times on our events page.


Madrone Kalil

Madrone supports clients as a certified End of Life Doula for humans and animal companions, is a death and grief coach, educator, speaker, certified breathwork facilitator, Warrior Goddess facilitator, and Sundoor Fire Walk instructor.

She has her Ph.D. in Communication Studies with specialty in gender/sexuality studies, team, interpersonal, and inter-natural communication. She has spent years working in neo-pagan circles witnessing and working with the healing powers of nature and its beings. She facilitates The Gaian Collective’s Drumming into The Seasons in Flagstaff, AZ celebrating the Wheel of the Year.

Madrone is a skilled community weaver dedicated to creating conscious community through mindfulness leading circles and ceremonies for the past 16 years. Her passion lies in creating sacred spaces to be you, fully.


Erin McCusker

Erin is a certified Life Coach, Circle Facilitator, Consultant, and Founder of Circles of Joy.

Grounded and guided by the rhythms of the natural world, she is here to create a safe and held space that allows you to take the path on your life journey that leads you towards your best self.

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