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Nurture your taproot, cultivate your resilience.

Taproot Journeys integrates mind, body, and spirit helping you nurture a strong taproot in your life, cultivating your resilience.
My name is Madrone, and I do this using a variety of tools including breathwork and ministries, consulting and training, end of life services, death and grief coaching, and ceremonies.

Life is short so don’t waste any more time thinking you are not enough or that you “can’t.” I provide you with deep-rooted life-enriching tools to help you re-claim your power. Book a call now and let's get you started on your journey.


Thank you for sharing [Shamanic Breathwork Immersion] online. I don’t think I would have ever been able to do this where I live--let alone through a pandemic.


Integrate your mind, body, and spirit.


Show up for yourself, lean in, do "the work," 

and find out where your taproot journey takes you.


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